Halong Bay Cruise

Pelican cruise

Pelican Luxury Cruise

Pelican Cruise - A new cruising art in Halong Bay. Founded 2011, Pelican Luxury Cruise, branch of Image Halong Cruise LTD offers a pioneering new generation of vessels
Lagoon Explorer Cruise

Lagoon Explorer Cruise

Legacy Cruise

Halong Legacy Cruise

Lemon cruise

Lemon cruise


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Hai Phong port

Halong International Ship Ports

You travel to Halong bay by Halong International Ship Ports, you may not know where your ship will be docked and how to get in cruises in Halong bay. Bellow is some tips.

Tour Guide

Bus to Halong

How To Get To Halong Bay

To Halong Bay a�� We will pick up at all hotels in Hanoi old quarter. if your hotel is out of this area, please take a taxi to Hanoi Opera House at #01 Trang Tien Str.

Co To Island

Soi Sim beach

Soi Sim Beach

Ba Trai Dao Beach