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Halong Bay is the top destination and the most beautiful attraction in Vietnam, recognized twice by UNESCO as World Heritage Site and one of New Seven World Wonders. It has thousands of cliff and limestone Islands in different shapes as glorious rubies studded on the blue veil of the maiden. The centre of Natural World Wonder region gathers rocky Islands densely with the spectacular scenery and famous magnificent caves, including Halong Bay and a part of Bai Tu Long Bay. Implicit right in the heart of the rocky islands are wonderful caves such as Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot, Trinh Nu, Tam Cung Caves, etc.

Halonga��s beauty is well-known in the world, as a result most foreign tourists travel to Vietnam choose Halong Bay as a must-see destination to discover the natural beauty and they decide to take an overnight on board trip on Halong Bay. Cruises and Junks are developing in Halong Bay both the number and strong development of quality by each cruise. To make pleasure foreign visitors once visiting the bay, these cruises designed by the most luxury interiors, facilities, cuisines and staffs as international standards with the aim to bring the most comfort and luxury feelings.

Understanding the actual demands from visitors and support directly cruises in Halong to advertise the photos and information of cruises and introduce the tour program to international tourists on Halong Bay as well as connect the cruises and visitors whether you are in any part of the world can book tour online. Since the beginning of 2013, Indochina Legend Travel Company has coordinated with The Vietnam Ecommerce Development JSC the Website of HalongBayCruises to promote the cruises, guide visitors travel to Halong and especially provide the online booking tour service on the website: http//vietnamgrouptour.com.
The website of HalongBayCruise.vn is the synthesis website of tourism services surroundings Halong a�� Quang Ninh by introducing visiting sites, tour programs, overnight cruisesa�� introduction, hotel, restaurant, shopping, entertainment, etc. The website is building to develop online Halong tourism, promote advertising, and introduce Halong Bay and its traditional products, tourism services such as cruises for creating more works to local people and improve social life of Quang Ninh Province

Why do we choose the domain name a�?.vna�? to promote online cruise booking? Just simple the domain .vn in business and develop tourism in Halong will receive the protection from Vietnam law. From here, we create the big belief from visitors who can use the service of 100 percent from Vietnam. The domain name also shows about the tourism destination and cruise service in Halong. This is the main information and very useful which helps visitors remember us the most after the journey explore Halong Bay

Indochina Legend is a young and dynamic Travel Agent in Vietnam found in 2008, however, we have constantly evolved and built the tourism brand a�?Indochina Legenda�? which is famous in international tourism market. The company received International Tour Operator License Number: 01-492 recognized by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

The Vietnam Ecommerce Development JSC established in 2004 with the motto “For the robust development of E-Commerce Vietnam”, the company wishes to contribute a small part in the stable development of online tourism

The product website Halongbaycruise.vn is the crystalline of strengths between two companies with the desire to give visitors the best services by tour programs visiting Halong Bay perfectly and bring them the comfortable and unforgettable experience in Halong

By the wish HalongBaycruise.vn is the most professional, we are trying our best for the website of Halong Cruises is more complete than and ensure that the website wona��t avoid errors on content as well as the expression.