Tien Yen Chicken

Steamed chicken

Enjoy Tien Yen chicken

Tien Yen is a commune of Quang Ninh province, located about 18 km from Northern of Halong. If you visit Tien Yen, you will have opportunities to enjoy many specialties of Quang Ninh such as nod cakes (gat gu cakes), shaking beef and chicken meat.

Tien Yen chicken is very delicious because it is fed by rice, crickets, ants, termites. It is said because of the “pedestrian” and the “astronauts” free man and asked him what unique natural food that is sweet-scented, firm, crispy and not chewy.

Tien Yen chicken
Tien Yen chicken

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Various dishes of chicken

There are many ways to cook chicken but the most delicious dish is cooked in the simplest way: boiling. Looking at chickens after boiling, it’s just hard to believe that you are boiled in a normal way, because it looks yellow with shining skin. At first glance, you can immediately see it very fat, but when a bite, you see it’s crunchy and firm.

Boiled chicken
Boiled chicken

Eating chicken in Tien Yen is so great if it is accompanied with nodded cake. Recipes for bread chewy and crispy when it is mixed into the flour milled rice at the rice to cool and when coated with thin thickness does not moderate as rolls, but not as thick as pancake. Whether it is served with chicken or not, nodded cakes is served with a sauce that made from chicken broth, shallots, garlic, chili.