Ha Long Bay Cruise experience on Dragon’s Pearl

Dragon's Pearl cruise
Dragon's Pearl cruise

Here, in detail, is our Halong Bay experience traveling on the Dragon’s Pearl no.1. We were in no way compensated for this post. We’ll focus on the cruise experience and leave the Ha Long Bay stats for a wiki

The Boat (Dragon’s Pearl #1)

The Dragon’s Pearl is a hard-working little boat that packs a pretty good amount into itself. The way the crew moves you from event to event makes it feel much larger than it is. Once on-board we had a welcome toast with Alex our host for the trip. He introduced the Captain and crew. Then he went over safety and joked a bit as we pulled out of the port and away from the other boats. Our bags were waiting in front of our rooms after the toast.

Dragon's Pearl Cruise Deck
Dragon’s Pearl Cruise Deck

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The Room

As big as it needed to be really. Everything was fresh and clean, no mold or water damage anywhere. AC above the bed. Great little bathroom with plenty of hot water. My no.1 favorite thing? The hammer by the window to escape the boat if need be. Undid a little worry. I knew we weren’t going to spend much time here, but it’s nice that it was nice. There is time to pack in, take a shower and explore the boat before lunch is served.

Dragon's Pearl cruise cabin
Dragon’s Pearl cruise cabin

The Food

I’m only going to go over the opening lunch, since all the food on the trip was of the same quality. Also the light was right during lunch

Indochina Junk has time during your booking when you have a chance to express your food issues if you have any. If not meals are served family style by table. Portions were large enough that nobody went hungry. I’m sure that similar dishes are served day to day with changes by season. The seafood was fresh None of the dishes were spicy, which means anybody can enjoy the line-up. I’m a prawn-head-sucker and I was in heaven. Every course had an overall bright and straightforward flavor, the ingredients shine. Meals are all included in the price but drinks are extra and kept on a tab until the end.