Things To Know About Halong Bay Cruise in The Winter

Halong cruise in the winter

Halong Bay’s rich biodiversity and pristine beauty allure tourists to visit all year round. The summer, from April to September, is often hot and humid while the winter is dry with some cold months. It is possible to travel to Halong Bay at any time during the year, but foreign tourists mostly visit the bay in the winter. Here below are some tips for you when taking a Halong Bay cruise in the winter.

Weather Condition

During the winter from October to April of the following year, the average temperature gets as low as 15oC and wind blows strongly. This time is also dry season with little raining of approximately 15-20% of the total rainfall.

Halong Bay in winter
Halong Bay in winter

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Cancellation of Tour

Due to the unique geological and topographic characteristic, Halong Bay area has Northeast monsoon and fog in the winter, which obviously can impact on your cruise. Ha Long Bay cruise sometimes can be cancelled due to storm, foggy or downpour.

Halong Bay in the winter
Halong Bay in the winter

Limits of cruise activities

Normally, the cold weather does not have much effect on cruise activities. Some outside recreational activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, swimming, climbing mountains might be postponed in bad weather. Some days could grow much colder, foggier or have heavy rain that you should pay attention to safety instruction and tour guide advice.